Toyobo PPE Coveralls Toyobo PPE Coveralls is made from PET spunbound non-woven + PE film lamination that provides resistance to tear, abrasion, UV rays, fluid and water. It is breathable & eco-freindly. Learn More Free Quote PPE COVERALL 45 GSM PET (POLYESTER) SPUNBOUND NON WOVEN + PE FILM LAMINATION As the decision of building construction […]

Nobody looks deeper into infection control We’ve cut splashing by over 90%* to reduce the spread of waterborne infections. Our Contour21+ basins are designed with an anti-splash, Smartguard+ high-tech hygienic surface. Our Markwik21+ mixers can be easily dismantled, submerged & disinfected with autoclave-ready spouts. Learn More Designed to defend. Pathogenic bacteria evolve fast. Infection control […]

Independent Living Series Akron’s Independent Living Series is a ground-breaking collection of innovative products that are designed and engineered for senior-living aged care patrons. Our products offer our patrons a way to live the way they desire and with the freedom they deserve.  Learn More Contact Us Akron is Affordable Quality Quality sanitary wares built […]

Melten Engine, Standard of Smart Healthcare Smart Medical Technology, Infinite Healthcare Innovations Learn More Contact Us Our Value Proposition Empower Nursing Efficiency, Focus on the Doctor-patient Experience Repetitive and inefficient work procedures prevent registered nurses from demonstrating their full professional value, severely affecting the quality of patient care. We start with the needs of registered […]

Shimabun Sugra Antibacterial & Anti Skid Surface The high-grade PVC material in SUGRA gratings contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents. The soft PVC surface is anti-slip and the stainless steel crossbar inside the gratings provide stronger support for wheelchair users. Learn More Contact Us For Your Safety Sugra is made of high-grade PVC material and undergoes […]

BREATHAIR, a 3D spring structure with rubber elasticity, offers exceptional breathability and water repellency while maintaining high elasticity, Its durability and lightweight give it wide applicability in new fields. Learn More Contat Us Learn More About Agrow Healthtech’s mission and vision is to be the elite supplier of quality and premium healthcare products, creating a […]

Reimagine Indoor Air Safety With Aerus ActivePure Aerus ActivePure ensures the safest and fastest air and surface disinfection possible, working continuously and in real-time to give you 24/7 protection. Get Started Newsroom Explore the ActivePure Difference ActivePure is the only FDA-cleared device technology that proactively eliminates bacteria, mold, fungus, and viruses in the air and […]