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Get clean, fresh, earth-friendly laundry today!

No detergents. No bleach. No softeners. No hot water. Just clean, fresh, earth-friendly laundry.

Safeguarding Indoor Spaces. Protecting People.

Prepare for combat against COVID-19 and other pathogens with the most powerful & the safest air purification systems using ActivePure Technology.

A Washable Mattress With Excellent Durability

BREATHAIR® has many excellent characteristics. It is air and moisture permeable, has excellent cushioning, is durable and safe, has antibacterial properties and it is also kind to the environment… to name but a few.

Bringing Future to Healthcare.

Innovation with a Purpose.

We create healthier and sustainable future through innovation and advanced technologies in the Healthcare. Our technologies make healthcare more efficient and improve people's lives.


We offer comprehensive solutions ranging from Advanced Indoor Air Management Technology, Pressure Ulcers Prevention Mattress, Smart Ward Solutions and others.

Nursing Care / Senior Living Homes

One of our primary goals is to enhance mobility, and promote independent living. Seniors can easily find products that will keep them mobile and self-reliant for years to come.

Medical Centres

Our team of experts work with you to customize a solution that meets your needs.


Our healthcare solutions are based on the changing needs of clinicians and patients.


Agrow Healthtech - A Leading Hygiene and Healthcare Technologies Driven Company

Your Peace of Mind is Our Prime Concern

The Agrow ASSURANCE is an industry first. The first to offer a fully-functional, all-encompassing after-sales assurance and loyalty programme.

Manufacturer's Product Warranty

All our products are covered by the official Manufacturer’s Product Warranty. In addition, we extend our service further by assisting all home buyers in the warranty claim and service process.

On-Site Project Support Team

Our On-site Project Support team resolves any and all issues that may arise during the hand-over stage from developer to home buyers; ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.

After Sales Service & Maintenance

Our After Sales Service & Maintenance team provides premium service and diligent attention to servicing home buyers throughout the defects and liability period and beyond; enhancing the goodwill of developers.

Lifetime Loyalty Program

Our Lifetime Loyalty Programme rewards home buyers with free products and discounts that are redeemable at any of our authorised showrooms nationwide. Home buyers will also earn loyalty points on all additional purchases.

We work to provide you with the best healthcare services

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Agrow Healthtech's mission and vision is to be the elite supplier of quality and premium healthcare products, creating a greener, better and safer world.


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